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The FinalHash team is here to help. Whether you have legal issues, hardware development, data center or business development needs, require expert witnesses or just want to buy large amounts of Bitcoin legally, FinalHash has you covered. Don’t wander the horizon of the crypto-corridor unassisted.

Get to know us.

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    FinalFix Session.

    After the initial prospect, verification, and referral phase we sit down in what we call a FinalFix Session. These are invitation-only sessions hosted at large crypto conventions worldwide. In these sessions, our FinalHash executives will provide you with a one-on-one session to listen to your challenges and concerns. We will take time to get to know you, give you some brief solutions, and determine the best connections between your company and FinalHash.


    After the FinalFix Session, we move on to crafting the scope-of-work to include our unique offerings and provide a quote for service. Once we finalize contracts, we can start work on the unique solution we crafted for you.

    Action & Support.

    After we construct the solution, we move to the Action Phase through a physical meeting with your team or extensive calls regarding our plan of attack.

  • Leo Iruke, Esq. CEO

    LIONEL “LEO” IRUK is the Co-Founder/Executive Manager and General Counsel of Finalhash,LLC/Hashers United. Leo has aided in providing custom tailored business and legal solutions for leading cryptocurrency companies, Money Service Businesses, Commercial Mining Operators (Cloud and Non-Cloud Based), Colocators, ICO and IPO Coin Development teams, Exchange developers, pool developers, and coin programmers and has been doing so since Early 2013. Leo serves as the Executive Producer for Hashers United, which brings together some of the brightest minds in crypto currency intelligence, mining/pool technology, crypto exchange development, venture capital and business; for intimate and intensive bootcamp workshops to convey real, tangible information which can be applied practically.

    Marshall Long CTO

    Marshall Longmis the CTO of FinalHash, LLC and runs the Hashers United Mining Conference. He has an extensive background in programming, mining, internet marketing, integrated circuit design, large scale datacenter deployment, and international business. He has been in Bitcoin since late 2009 and has over 10 years of experience developing applications for emerging technologies.

    Chris Morrision CMO

    Chris Morrison is an Internet Entrepreneur and angel investor for tech start-ups. He brings over a decade of marketing expertise with a focus on finding creative solutions to marketing hurdles. He holds several advisory positions throughout Silicon Valley and the crypto currency space. Mr. Morrison is co-managing the expansion of the Hashers United brand and executive production of the global events.

    Valton Eason Chief Business Developer and Co-Founder

    Valton Eason is the Chief Business Developer, Co-Founder of FinalHash LLC, and Co-Executive Producer of Hashers United. Within FinalFix, the solutions arm of Final Hash, Mr. Eason is responsible for understanding a firm’s initiatives on a department by department basis. These areas include Marketing, Sales, Advertising, and call centers, and print communication to develop and customize programs that aid firms in achieving their goals of better serving their customers. Eason brings a wealth of transferable skills honed from years of executive level Construction, Private Investigations and strategic research as a business developer before entering the cryptographic space of Bitcoin.
    He is intrigued with Bitcoin and the technology’s surrounding universe where he envisions Bitcoin as a “Big Bang” that will continue to ignite entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. These entrepreneurs will build the ever-expanding structures to support Bitcoin itself. He feels the term “Bitcoin Space” is spot-on because “Space is a Universe.”In addition to his many ventures and responsibilities, Valton is also a devoted husband to a beautiful wife and father to three wonderful daughters. Valton doesn’t miss a band practice or a volleyball game, he even coaches one of his daughter’s teams. He is also very active in his church, fraternity, and many community events. Eason believes that balance makes a person better at the important things in life.

  • FinalHash, founded in 2012 as a large-scale cloud mining provider, we changed our focus to address the substantial needs that were not being met in the industry. Many of our old cloud mining clients wanted to get into space in one way or another but needed a place to turn.
    FinalHash shifted its focus to consulting in 2013. We have directly consulted on over 50% of the ASICs currently on the market. In addition, we’ve finished many high volumes of over the counter Bitcoin transactions and large-scale data center deployments. One major accomplishment was effectively running the first and only large mining conference in the world, Hashers United.

Our Expertise.

At FinalHash we have an extremely diversified and well-versed team of four C-Level Executives and 17 additional experts in various fields in order to meet every demand.

New Project Endeavors

Our New Project Team is at the forefront of current events inside crypto-space-at-large. This vertical is responsible for Bitcoin ATM placement and leveraging our Money Transmitter licenses, along with other assets to help new companies achieve great heights.

Legal and Fiat

Our legal team has an extensive background in crypto, litigation, asset protection, KYC/AML, banking and regulatory compliance. In the field of large and legal over-the-counter Bitcoin transactions as well as remittance and money transmission, there is none more accomplished than our legal department.

Hardware and Tech

Our Hardware/Software/Firmware team has extensive knowledge in hardware tape outs, cutting-edge software and firmware development, and large-scale datacenter deployments using state-of-the-art cooling solutions.

Business Development

Our Business Development Team specializes in affiliate and guerilla marketing, brand placement, advertising, and business model development.

Crypto Accounting

Our expert legal and accounting department will take all the insecurity out of managing your crypto-accounts. We offer an array of accounting services from buying, selling, trading and mining Bitcoin, as well as professional tax advice, forms and preparation.

MSB Document Prep and Review

FinalHash can assist you every step of the way in the crypto-universe. We will evaluate and draft your MSB documents for you. If you already have the documents, our expert team can review those documents to ensure that they will be legally upheld.

Expert Witness Support

In need of a legal liaison? FinalHash can represent your business and speak on your behalf, engaging the legal system regarding any crypto-currency concerns.

Media and Public Relations

We will create a marketing and public relations campaign for your company including branded marketing tools, press releases, and conference prep assistance. Our goal is to create high visibility for your brand in the crypto world.

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